December 2020 Updates

Summary of platform updates and changes for the month of December

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Major Enhancements:

  • Users don't have to scroll through the Campaign UI anymore. We’ve moved messaging features (Emojis, Coupons, Insert Fields (like first and last names), Media Attachments, Review requests, Templates) together to easily add them to your Campaign. We've also moved things like Subscriber Filters to make it easier to target your audience, let you pick your message type (SMS or MMS) before you type your campaign message, and made Tracking Pixels easier to see, moved Drip Messages closer. Lastly, there are 3 final action buttons to choose from once you have your campaign drafted, Preview Campaign, Schedule Campaign, and Send Campaign now. Check out the guide for how to make a Campaign.

  • Long SMS allows users to send longer than 160 characters in their SMS message. When you go over 160 characters, it says underneath the message box how many messages you are using. You can use up to 8 messages or 1280 characters, and it will appear as one message in your subscriber's message box. Check out the guide for how to use Long SMS.

  • All Toll-free users have access to MMS capabilities, which include sending pictures, GIFs, videos, and audio messages. They can also expand the character limit from 160 to 1500. Check out the guide for how to make MMS messages.

Small Enhancements:

  • Users can now create Groups by filtering through those who clicked through the links of a previous Campaign, and those who did not. Check out the guide for how to make create groups through filtering.

  • With Auto Recharge, we allow users to refill their balance with a specified amount once it reaches another specified low amount. Check out the guide for how set up Auto Recharge.

  • We deployed improvements to the Web Opt-In Pages to the UI, placement of customization options, new CSS capabilities, added opt-in field choices and control, and gave users the ability to redirect subscribers to predetermined URLs. Check out the guide for how to make Web Opt-In Pages.

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