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Call To Action / Message Flow
Call To Action / Message Flow
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The primary purpose of a call to action (CTA) is to ensure the consumer consents to receive text messages and understands the nature of the program. In order to approve you for sending from a Registered Number the Carriers will need to understand how your number will be advertised and how you will request customers to opt in for text messages.

A Call To Action can be in one of 2 ways. Either via advertising an Opt-In Keyword, which could be an online advertisement or some form of physical print advert, or via an Opt-In Form where your customers fill in and provide you their information for the express purpose of sending them text messages.

Keep in mind that in all Call To Actions, you will need to include your company's SMS Terms & Conditions as well as Privacy Policy. If you do not currently have one, we can help you create one in this article:

When completing your Compliance Form in Mobiniti, please include whether your CTA is an Opt-In Keyword or an Opt-In Form, along with the verbiage you will use in said advertisement. If you do not know your assigned number for texting yet, you can write in <NUMBER> instead of a phone number.

Opt-In Keyword Advertisements:

For single-message programs, your CTA must include:

product description, terms/conditions/privacy policy URL, “message and data rates may apply” disclosure.

The format should be:


Example: Text COUPON to (866)965-6224 for 50% off your next purchase. Visit for privacy and terms info. Msg&Data Rates May Apply.

For recurring-message programs, your CTA must include:

product description, message frequency, terms/conditions/privacy policy URL, STOP keyword, "message and data rates may apply" disclosure.

The format should be:


Example: Text MOBINITI to (866)965-6224 for informational alerts from Mobiniti. Message Frequency Varies. Visit for privacy and terms info. Reply HELP for help or STOP to stop. Msg&Data Rates May Apply.

Opt-In Form:

In order to be both TCPA and Carrier (CTIA) Compliant, you will need to include an optional checkbox close to the field where your clients will input their mobile phone number. Please keep in mind for all web opt-in forms that this box needs to be optional and cannot be required to be checked in order to complete your form.

The verbiage for the checkbox needs to follow this format:


Example: By checking this box, I agree and consent to receive messages from Mobiniti. Our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy: . Message Frequency Varies. Message and Data rates may apply. Reply STOP to end and HELP for help.

Web Opt-In Form Example:

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