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How do I use campaign actions on clicks?
How do I use campaign actions on clicks?

Users have the ability to segment or export contacts into groups based on who did or did not click on a previous Campaign’s link.

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Campaign actions on clicks give users the ability to segment their list (or export) and send targeted follow up messages to contacts from previous campaigns based on how they reacted, by clicking a link or not.

*In order to use this feature the previous campaign must have used a unique short link. Read here for how to send a Campaign with unique short links.

Step 1:

Click on Campaigns in the left sidebar from any screen in the app.

Step 2:

From the list of Campaigns, select the one you want to filter contacts from.

Step 3:

Click on the Statistics tab above the overview, next to Details.

Step 4:

You can view the breakdown by percentage of who clicked on your link near the bottom below.Click on either the left Actions button to view contacts who did click on the URL or the right Actions button to view contacts who did not.

Step 5:

It will then show you which contacts did or did not click on the link.

In the top right corner, you can hit Add to Group or Export Contacts. By hitting export contacts, it automatically downloads an Excel sheet of the contacts filtered.

Step 6:

Hit Add to Group to bring down a tab to Add to New Group or Add to Existing Group.

Step 7.A:

Clicking on Add to New Group will automatically make a new group with the contacts from this list in it.

Step 7.B:

Clicking on Add to Existing Group will prompt the user to pick a group to add it to.

Step 8:

Click Add to Group. You’re finished. You can go into your groups and rename the groups if you'd like at any point in time.

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