Instagram is a powerful tool filled with potential subscribers who follow your Instagram account but are not subscribers to your SMS marketing. You can now easily create a link to a Web Opt-In Page you can make on Mobinti, that will go on all of your Instagram posts. This link will capture these followers and turn them into subscribers to your marketing. Click here to see how to make a Web Opt-In page.

This can only be used by Instagram accounts with 10,000 followers.

How to attach a Web Opt-In Page to your Instagram posts?

Step 1:

Click + URL to add the link to your subscriber, landing, or web opt-in page, the last of which you can create on Mobiniti.

Step 2:

Add the link you created into the URL field - then click “DONE.”

Step 3:

When you're ready to publish this story, click the “+ Story” button at the bottom right.

Step 4:

Now your published Story has a "See More" swipe up link.

  • When the user is on a mobile device, this should open directly into their text field on their SMS app.

  • This shows the pre-populated text that you created when you created the link above

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