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Why are my campaigns not sending? Smart Punctuation Errors
Why are my campaigns not sending? Smart Punctuation Errors

Errors in campaigns can be due to Smart Punctuation on iOS, or pasting without plain text

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If you’re using Mobiniti from an iPhone, or using iOS software, you may encounter a punctuation issue with our platform, which will not allow you to send campaigns, and/or give other errors from either typing/copy/pasting text. This iOS feature is called Smart Punctuation, which can cause errors when creating campaigns such as:

  • Inaccurate character count when creating text or drip messages in campaigns or groups

  • Errors in sending preview messages or not sending them at all

  • Campaigns not saving

To turn smart punctuation off on iOS: Settings > General > Keyboard, and then turn off the “Smart Punctuation” switch.

What is Smart Punctuation?

Smart punctuation is an iOS feature that automatically turns some of the generic punctuation marks like straight quotation marks into fancier, curly ones. Our platform does not process these special punctuation marks, and the generic simple ones are what can be sent as messages from our platform.

What is the difference?

Typically, there is a difference between the opening and closing quotation marks.

These are special marks: example text here, the quotation marks are angled.

These are the generic ones typed in a keyword that does not have special punctuation: "example text here," shows these quotation marks are straight lines, which are accepted by our software.

these quotation marks are not accepted” vs "these quotation marks are accepted"

Another example of Smart Punctuation is if you enter two hyphens in a row with no space (- -) on iOS, they get converted to an actual em dash (—).

Copy/pasting with Plain Text:

We also always encourage typing with plain text, or make sure the text you input has no styling or odd parks, punctuation marks, or special characters in general. Copy/pasting text from programs such as Microsoft Word, or pasting text with styling can also cause similar issues that Smart Punctuation on iOS causes. Sometimes, pasting text that has no smart punctuation but does have styling can be "cleaned" up by paste/copying it into Notepad for Microsoft or TextEdit on Mac.

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