How do I create rewards?

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Step 1:

To begin, you will click on the Rewards tab in our Loyalty feature.

Step 2:

Click the Create New Reward button located on the top right of your page.

Step 3:

Fill in the Name of your reward, how many Points are needed to earn the reward, the Message that your customer will receive once they earn the reward, set the number of Maximum Redemptions a customer can get, and then list your reward as Active.

Note: Leaving Maximum Redemptions blank means that a customer can continue accumulating points. This will allow them to continue getting the reward, putting a limit means they can only redeem their points a set amount of times. 

Step 4:

Click Create Reward.

Step 5:

Your reward program is now up and running! Now, each time a customer comes in and gets a point towards the reward, you will need to go back into the Rewards tab to update their points.

Step 6:

Click the Update Contact Points button located on the top right of the page. 

Step 7:

Here you will be able to assign points to the customer's phone number

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