How do I make a contest?

How to implement a text-to-win contest.

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Our Contest feature allows your clients to join a group and automatically enter a contest. Upon entering, they will be greeted with an Entry Confirmation Message. Upon completion of the contest, a winner will be chosen automatically (if selected) and sent a Winning Message. You can both engage with your subscribers and attract potential subscribers with a contest. These will attract the potential subscribers who need a tangible offer to subscribe, and the prize from a contest is a good offer.

How do I Make a Contest?

Step 1:

Go to Groups & Keywords.

Click on Contests.

Click Create Group / New Contest.

Step 2:

Fill out the form.

  • Name: Name of the contest just for your reference.

  • Group: Pick the Groups you want the contest to be attached to.

  • Active: Lets you choose whether the contest is live and working, or a draft.

  • Start: Select Start Date and Start Time of the contest.

  • End: Select End Date and Start Time of the contest.

  • Entry Confirmation: The message that the recipient will receive upon joining the contest. This will override the Join Message of the group while the contest is live.

  • Winner Message: The message that is delivered to the winner if Automatically send winning message to contact(s) is checked.

  • Loser Message: The message that is delivered to the loser if Automatically send losing message to contact(s) is checked.

  • Entries: The number of times a user can enter the contest.

  • Winners: Number of winners the contest will have and the intervals at which you select a winner. For example: per hour, per day, per month. Loser messages send at the same intervals as well.

  • You can choose whether you would like to manually select your winners, or if you would like the platform to choose winners for you. To do this, you can either check the Manually Select Winners button to choose yourself, or leave that blank and the platform will pick winners for you.

Step 3:
Click the Create Contest

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