An embedded form is a way to display a kind of contact form, like a Web Opt-In Page, that allows potential subscribers to join your marketing groups from your website. These can be added as part of your own web page, without your form users needing to click a link to another web page. Many users will not opt-in to your marketing groups if they leave the web page they trust. Using an embedded form will capture these potential subscribers.

How to Create an Embedded Form

Step 1:

Click on the Groups & Keywords Tab.

Then choose the Group you want to promote.

Step 2:

In the upper-right, click on Promote.

Then choose Embeddable Form in the drop down menu.

Step 3:

Fill out the forms. Select your Embedded forms Button Color and Button Text.

Select the Fields tab you want on your Embedded form. You can select multiple fields.

Select the Required Fields tab, the fields that potential subscribers have to fill out. These must be selected in the Fields tab.

Enter the domain of the website that will host the embedded form. Include "http://" -- Then click Save Domains. 

Step 4:

Click on Save Domains and these domains will remain until you remove them.

Step 5:

Select Copy HTML Code and supply it to you webmaster or paste it in your website.

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