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How do I set up a web opt-in page?
How do I set up a web opt-in page?

How to setup your own Kiosk or landing page to capture your customers phone numbers.

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Web Opt-In Pages are one of the best ways to capture visitors to your website and in person in your store. You can place a button or tab on your company website and social media that will take them to one. From there they can fill out the information you want from them, like name, email, and phone number, while at the same time opting into your marketing group. To put a Web Opt-In Page onto a tablet/kiosk. so they may used in your physical store, reference this guide.

How to Create a Web Opt-In Page

Step 1:

Click on Groups & Keywords tab on the left side bar.

Step 2:

Click on the Web Opt-In Pages tab.

Then select Create New Web Opt-in Page.

Step 3:

Fill out required fields.

  • These options give you control over the Web Opt-In page's visuals. You can add your logo to capitalize on brand recognition, and grab the attention of potential subscribers with a good background image. To make sure all the colors on the opt-in page match your brand, you can control the color of the background, button, font, and text as well. We even have a Custom CSS option for more control.

  • You can control every bit of text on the Web Opt-In Page, from its heading to its description, to the text on the button. Most importantly, you can control what fields your opt-in page should have so you collect the information you want. You can also select which information field is required, so you don't turn potential subscribers away who will sign up but won't give you every piece of information you want.

Note: Name, Heading, Description, Button Text, & Confirmation Message are required.

Step 4:

Assign it to a Group. At the bottom of the page you can select which group(s) you want to add it to.

You have to name the links by adding an alias for the opt-in pages after selecting your group(s).
โ€‹Note: The alias cannot contain any special characters such as <, >, _, +, etc.

Step 5:

Press Create/Edit Opt-In Page, and then you should see a confirmation pop-up that provides you with the copy-and-paste link.

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