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How do I duplicate a campaign?

How to save time on repeated use of campaigns

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Scheduling messages to go out regularly helps maintain communication with your audience, provide value, and drive engagement over time. It keeps your brand top-of-mind and ensures your audience receives timely updates and reminders!​

Create a Scheduled Campaign

Step 1

Click on a scheduled campaign.

Step 2

Click on "Actions" and choose "Duplicate Campaign".

Step 3

Select the number of duplicates (up to 10) and frequency. You can choose days, weeks, or months.

Once selected, the number of duplicates with dates and times will be displayed.

Note: All duplicates are scheduled based on the original campaign's date and time. If you want to add more than 10 campaigns, use the 10th campaign from the original series to create additional duplicates.

Click on "Duplicate" and your new campaigns will be displayed on your Campaign Overview page.

Feel free to edit any of the scheduled campaigns up until the date/time they are scheduled to be sent!​

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