How to send a vCard

Use a vCard to encourage subscribers to save your number as a contact in their phone.

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How to send a vCard in an MMS message

1. Create your vCard

For best results, we recommend using an online generator for this task. There are a few tools that do this online. One example is, there is also other options with more rich features such as

The following fields are mandatory:

  1. First Name (or company name) - we recommend utilizing the first name field.

  2. Cell Phone - Here is where you will put the phone number on your account

    1. If on Short Code, number format = 646-00

    2. If on a 10DLC or Toll-Free Number, number format = 855-662-4648

You can then include any additional information you may want your customers to have, we recommend including social media information and your work address if you have a brick and mortar store. If your business has a phone number where customers can call you, we recommend storing that information in the Work Phone category.

If you already have a vCard created, you can skip this step.

2. Send vCard as a MMS message

Next, all you have to do is send an MMS message and attach your vCard as a file, just like you would with any other MMS message.

As of now, vCards are only supported through our campaign functionality. They cannot be included in join messages (coming soon...).

It is very important to note here that vCards WILL NOT work properly if you attempt to send as a standard SMS.

Now that your customers can easily save your brand's contact information, they are more likely to open your texts, click-through to any coupon or link you include, and are more likely to respond to your texts.

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