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How do I use Emojis in my messages?
How do I use Emojis in my messages?

Boost your message interactivity from subscribers by including eye-catching Emojis within your messages.

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An emoji is a visual representation of an emotion, object or symbol. You can use them to show or elicit emotion to/from your subscribers. They do this by making your messages feel lively when used correctly, and take up a small but key part of any marketing message.


How many characters does an Emoji take up?

70 characters.

Can I use an Emoji anywhere in Mobiniti?

Yes, you can use it in any message box across the Mobiniti platform.

Can I use multiple Emojis in a single message?

If you are using MMS, yes, as it allows for 1,500 characters. Standard SMS will only support 2 emojis and a remaining 20 characters for use. Long SMS can support more than 2 emojis with up to 8 SMS segments being used (1,280 total characters).

Do you have an Emoji keyboard in Mobiniti?

Yes we do, it is right underneath our message box.

How do I use Emojis in my messages?

Step 1:

When in any message box, select the Emoji button underneath the message box.

Step 2:

A drop down menu will fall, where you can select the Emoji you want.

  • You can type in the name of the emoji, click the categories of emojis at the top of the emojis keyboard, or simply choose from frequently used or scrolling down.

If you have never used MMS before and do not have updated pricing, please contact your account manager or support.

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