How do I create custom fields?

Custom fields allow you to add or capture additional data on your contacts and personalize your messages.

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When importing new lists for your contacts, you can optimize your data for those contacts by adding custom fields which you can use in your campaigns to tailor your content to those contacts.

Hey {first_name}, enjoy 25% off any purchase made this weekend at {closest_store_location}! 

This would be utilizing the first name data for that contact and a new custom field created called Closest Store Location.

Where are Custom Fields used in Mobiniti?

You can add unique custom fields to your contact settings so when you import those contacts, you can use things such a zip codes, ID numbers, or anything else specific to your use case.

When formatting your contact list, the new fields are the additional columns after the Mobiniti categories. This is the order in which columns for your data must be organized: Phone number, email, first name, last name, gender, birthday, custom field 1, custom field 2, etc...  Click here for the guide on how to format a contact list for importing.

These custom fields will also come in handy when creating a web opt-in page! You can ask for those specific fields on your web form. Click here for the guide to making a web opt-in page.

How to Create Custom Fields

Step 1:

You can create any new fields on your data by going to Settings first.

Step 2:

Click on Contacts tab.

Click on Create New Custom Field.

Step 3:

Name the custom field and click on the Validation Type.

Step 4:

Click on Create Custom Field.

Current Supported Custom Fields Validation Types


  • valid if Y or YES (not case sensitive)


  • Valid email address done within the programming language


  • Any valid date string

United States Zip Code

  • Follows the format of either 5 digits or 5 digits with a dash and 4 more digits

Canadian Zip Code

  • Matches 1 character in each set of brackets with a space in the middle. Example: t9s 1s0 is valid

Alpha-Numeric Characters

  • Can only be letters and numbers with no other characters permitted

Alphabetical Characters

  • Only letters are permitted


  • Any length of numbers

8-digit Account Number

  • Number that has to be 8 digits long

6-digit Account Number

  • Number that has to be 6 digits long


  • Accepts only letters and spaces

Birth Date

  • Accepts any valid date string

Yes or No

  • Accepts Y YES N NO (not case sensitive)

Edu Email

  • Email address that ends with .edu

Alpha-Numeric Characters (special characters)

  • Only letters numbers period symbol and / characters are permitted

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