How do I setup an Automation?

Automatically send out a message at a certain time once (or every time) someone clicks on your URL link or interacts with your Coupon

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Step 1: Click on Automation on the left tab, and select which level you want your automation to send on.

  • Campaign: Automation settings apply only for messages sent from selected campaign.

  • Group: Automation settings apply only for messages sent from selected group.

  • Global: Automation settings apply for all messages.

Step 2: We'll use Campaign for the example. Click "Create Campaign Automation," then select a campaign to apply the automation to.

Step 3: Select an Event that will trigger the automation.

  • URL Clicks: Whenever a URL placed into a message is clicked, the automation triggers.

  • Coupons Used: Whenever a mobile coupon attached to a message is used, the automation triggers.

Step 4: Name your automation and input the message you want automatically sent. 

Step 5: Select how long the automation waits after the Event before sending. Set it by how many minutes, hours, and/or days after the Event occurs.

Step 6: Select "Send Once" to determine that this automation is only sent to contact once, or allow for multiple messages. Then click "Create Campaign Event."

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