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Industry Standards for Short Code Campaigns
Industry Standards for Short Code Campaigns
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Per Mobiniti’s Terms Of Use, your company is required to comply with carrier compliance requirements, industry standards, and applicable law in the use of any Mobiniti-provided short code.

The compliance guidelines in the links below are provided as a courtesy to assist you in building a short code message flow and advertising that complies with carrier requirements and industry standards.  You should expect that your short code campaign will be audited at some point by a carrier or industry organization.  In our experience, campaigns are typically audited for compliance with the industry guidance found at the links below.  Please note, though, each carrier reserves the right to suspend short code service for any user at any time, and following the compliance guidance in the links below is not a guarantee against a carrier suspending short code service.

Industry Guidance Materials:

In addition, your text messaging campaigns, whether they use short codes, 10DLC (long codes), or toll-free numbers may also be subject to compliance requirements under applicable laws and regulations.  Some of these legal compliance requirements overlap with the carrier requirements and industry standards.  However, there may be legal compliance requirements in addition to the carrier requirements or industry standards.  

Therefore, you should not assume that you need only comply with carrier requirements to have a fully-compliant text messaging campaign.  

Which laws and regulations apply will depend on the particulars of your text messaging campaign including such things as where the texts originate, where recipients of your texts are located, where your company is located, the industry you are in, and the content of your text messages.  Please note that Mobiniti is not in a position to interpret any laws, rules, or regulations and is providing this information only as a courtesy.  You should consult with your legal counsel to ensure that your text messaging campaign is compliant with all laws, regulations, and requirements that apply to your particular text messaging campaign.

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