Step 1: Click on "Coupons."

Step 2: Click on "View QR/UPC Codes."

Step 3: Click on "Upload UPC/QR Codes."

Step 4: Click on "Add Pool."

Step 5: Name your pool.

Step 6: Choose between an UPC code or a QR code. 

  • UPC codes are classic bar codes, common and nearly universally compatible with scanning devices.

  • QR codes are nearly universally compatible as well and can be read vertically and horizontally. 

Step 7: Set a warning number. 

When the number of UPC/QR codes has reached this limit, you'll get a warning that you're about to use all the codes from this pool. You can add more in a future step.

Step 8: Click on "Add Pool." More options will drop down.

Step 9: Choose between entering codes with the lines from a CSV, or upload the CSV itself.

  • The CSV dictates how many codes you have.

Step 10: Click on "Add Codes to Pool."

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