Step 1: 

Click on Settings.

Step 2:

Click on Notifications.

Step 3:

Insert your Mobile Telephone Number.

Webhook URL Information can be found here:
Webhooks | Mobiniti Help Center

Step 4:

Select which template or format you'd like to receive your text messages as.

Reply From Mobiniti Inbox Template sends you a message that reads:
<Incoming Phone Number> <First Number> has responded to you. Go to <link> to read and reply. 

Reply From Your Device Template sends you a message that reads:
<Incoming Phone Number><First Name>" and as much of the message as can fit using the remaining characters. 

What does Unknown messages only mean?
You can filter the type of inbound messages sent to you with this setting. If checked on, you will only receive notifications for actual responses to your outgoing messages. If left un-checked, you will receive ALL inbound messages including help and stop replies and keyword opt-ins.

Step 5:

Click "Submit" to confirm. Please note that using this feature will cost 1 credit per message.

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