How do I make new discounts?

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Step 1: To create a discount, click on “Create New Discount” when using your connection to Shopify. You must already be adding a new setting to your Shopify integrations to make new discounts.

Step 2:  Give it a shortcode, it does not have to be different from group shortcodes, but would be easier to track if they are different. 

Choose type. 

Step 3: Determine the type of dollar value for the discount, by percentage or dollar amount, then determine the dollar value of discount based on the type you chose. 

Step 4: Determine minimum requirements, either minimum price to use discount, minimum number of items being purchased to use discount, or no minimum requirement.

Step 5: Determine the number of times the discount can be used. Default setting is unlimited.

Step 6: Decide if a client can use it once or twice.

Step 7: Decide on a Start date and End date for the discount code and select “Create.”

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