How do I setup Abandon Cart texts?

How to setup a text message to be sent to a user who abandoned their cart.

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Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Go to Integrations. If you have not setup a connection between your Shopify and your Mobiniti account, do that first. How-to guide here.

Step 3: Select “Configure” under the integration’s settings. 

Step 4: Select “Add New Setting” in the top right corner.

Step 5: Name your setting, mark the “Active” box, and select your option of pre-made discount. Go here for the How-to guide to learn how to make discounts.

Step 6: Choose your Abandon Cart text message style.

Single Message

Only one message will be sent. You can create multiple abandon cart message settings in order to do a sequence of messages such as Message 1 - 15 minutes later, Message 2 - 1 day later, Message 3 - 2 days later.

Template Variables

Plug in dynamic variables of data into your abandon cart messages. 

Positive/Negative Response

This creates a conversational style abandon cart text message that generates a more personalized experience for your customers. You can ask a question and based on their response it will auto-trigger either a Positive Response or a Negative Response. If they do not respond, the positive/negative response will not be sent.

What are some common Positive Responses? Yes, Yea, Yeah, Ya, Sure, etc.
What are some common Negative Responses? No, not interested, nah, etc.

Step 7: Choose a Discount or Create New Discount. 

Step 8: Set your notification time. You can choose between Hours, Minutes, and Days for the time interval. We recommend sending your first abandon cart text 5-15 minutes later.

Step 9: Fill out your own personalized Abandon Cart messages branded around your business and offerings.

Step 10: Create Setting. Congratulations you just made your first Abandon Cart message! 🎉

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