How It Works

Shorten - We automatically create a shortened branded link for you. We apply ad tracking to your links.

Share - Send out your text message campaign that includes your link. Collect clicks and grow your audience.

Retarget - Run profitable ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Adwords using the retargeting audience.

How To Set It Up

1  Go to Settings and then Message Settings.

2  Scroll down until you see Tracking Pixels.

3  Create a New Pixel.

4  Choose the type of Pixel you want to utilize (Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, & AdWords).

5  Name your Pixel and enter your Pixel ID from the other platform you are using.

6  Create a New Campaign

7  After inserting a link into your campaign, a Tracking Pixels drop down will appear. From here, select your tracking pixel you would like to utilize.

8   Send your campaign and start building your retargeting pixel traffic!

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