Create Your Own Zap

To get started, visit Zapier's Website and click Make a Zap. (see image below)

Select the App you would like to connect to Mobiniti. In the example below we will select Google Calendar. After selection, you will be given the option to select what your **Trigger** will be. We can pick between New Event, New Event Matching Search, or Event Start in this example. (see image below)

After choosing a **Trigger**, you will need to connect your account associated with the Trigger App. (see image below)

After connecting your Trigger App, you will edit the options for the **Trigger**. In the Google Calendar example, we have decided that we want to receive a text message 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting. (see image below)

Next, you will need to test that the Zapier connection to the Trigger App is working properly.  If it is you will see a Test Successful! notification.  (see image below)

After the Trigger App has been successfully connected, you will select the Action App. The Action App is Mobiniti SMS. There are two basic options once you have selected Mobiniti SMS, create a contact and send SMS. Create a contact will transfer your information on a contact from a Trigger App to the Mobiniti platform. Send SMS will send a one-time SMS notification to the mobile phone number associated with the Trigger App selected field. (see image below)

Next, you will connect and test your Mobiniti account. (see image below)

After connecting your Mobiniti account, you will edit the Template fields including the phone number and message. This will be repeated each time the Trigger App has an event occur. (see image below)

Next, you will test the Mobiniti action step. If it is properly working, you will see a Test Successful! notification. (see image below)

Congratulations! You have successfully set up a Zap. Go ahead and give your Zap a name. (see image below)

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