How do I export contacts?

How to export contacts from Mobiniti.

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It's rare to use only use SMS marketing. You're likely to use other marketing platforms and software, such as email or CRM, and it would be helpful to be able to share contacts between platforms. Here's an easy way to export the contacts on Mobiniti so you can add them to other platforms you use.

How to Exports Contacts

For all new users who have not requested an export before, we have exports disabled on your account as a security measure to prevent your contacts from being exported without your permission in case someone were to gain access to your account through your device. Please message us on our live chat to gain access.

Step 1: 

Click on the Contacts tab.

Then choose Export Contacts.

Step 2: 

Wait for the export to process. An email will be sent when it is complete with a link to the file. You can also view prior exports here:

You will need to right click the download, and click "save link as" to your computer for it to save as a CSV file. 

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