How do I create a coupon?

How to offer deals in the form of a mobile coupon.

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Mobile Coupons are the best incentives to get your subscribers to make a purchase. Price is one of the most common factors to keep subscribers from spending money and giving them a temporary period of time to make a purchase can push a subscriber to do so. Making them mobile by storing coupons in phones' Mobile Wallet apps means that they always have coupons with them. Now you can never miss a chance to send your subscribers a good incentive to go to your store.

How to Create a Coupon

Step 1:

Click on Coupons feature tab.

Step 2:

Click the Create New Coupon button near the top right corner of the platform.

Step 3:

Pick a coupon theme.

  • Basic is an older, simpler layout.

  • Modern is made to look sleek and eye-catching. *We recommend this theme*

Step 4:

Choose an existing Logo or add a new one.

Step 5: (Optional)

Add your Company Name, Phone Number, and Address

Step 6:

Enter the Name of your coupon for your own internal reference.

Enter the Offer. This is essentially the title text of the coupon that displays beneath the logo and above the offer image.

Step 7:

Add an Image of your offer to display on the coupon.

Step 8: (Optional)

Add a Description of your offer. 

Pick a Start Date/Time, and pick End Date/Time.

  • If no dates are put, the coupon will be available for use to anyone who receives it immediately, and will never expire.

Input your offer's Terms & Conditions

Step 9:

Pick a Redeem Type.

  • UPC or QR codes uses either a) any unique codes you've uploaded, or b) a single code shared. 

  • Forward URL redirects the end user to a website destination of your choice upon tapping to redeem.

If you have uploaded unique QR or UPC codes and want to connect them to this coupon, check Unique Codes underneath Redeem Type, then select the Code Pool that was uploaded for this offer. Read how to create unique QR/UPC codes here.

  • If you are not utilizing unique UPC or QR code pools, then you will need to enter either a single standard UPC, QR, or URL for your subscribers to redeem.

Step 10: (Optional)

Enter custom Redemption Instructions if you'd like, or leave it as the default: "Redeem only in front of merchant, at the time of purchase."

Enter custom Redemption Confirmation text if you'd like, or leave it as the default: "Redeem this coupon to merchant before proceeding, press OK if you've shown this to merchant."

Enter custom Redemption Button text or leave it as the default: "Tap to Redeem Offer."

Step 11:

Pick an Accent Color. This color is the background behind the name of the offer title text.

Step 12: (Optional)

Enter the Max Redemption number.

  • This limits the number of redemptions per device. Once that limit has been hit, the redemption will no longer appear on the end user's coupon, instead it will inform them the coupon has already been redeemed. 

Check the box for Mobile Wallets if you want to allow coupons to be stored in Apple (IOS) or Google (Android) mobile wallets.

Step 13:

Preview your coupon, if everything meets your satisfaction, then finish by pressing Create Coupon.

Ready to use your coupon?

Coupons can be used or attached to all of the following:

  • Join messages

  • Drip messages

  • Campaign messages

  • Reward messages

  • Birthday messages

  • Contests messages

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