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How do I add media or a file to a campaign?
How do I add media or a file to a campaign?

How to attach files to campaign messages and drip messages.

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Words are powerful, but they're not interactive. Sometimes you need an image or some kind of file to push a subscriber to making a purchase. When you add an image or file to your message, your marketing's click-thru-rate raises by 15% on average, and while the chances of subscribers opting-out reduces by 20%. You're marketing will increase your revenue even more if you send more than only words.

How to add Media or a File to a Campaign

Step 1:

Go to the Campaigns tab.

Step 2:

Click on the Create New Campaign button.

Step 3:

Select MMS as the message type.

Step 4:

Type up your message. MMS allows for a total of 1,500 characters to be utilized.

Step 5:

Click the Media button underneath the message box and select your file. The file must be less than 2MB (<1MB for GIFs) and a standard file type.

Choose your file.

If you're adding a file, select a Media or file source or drag one into the drop box.

Step 6:

Review your campaign, see if the marked parts have been used and noted. If everything is correct go ahead and send your campaign.

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