Whenever you migrate to a different number, it is highly recommended that you utilize both an exit message on the previous number as well as sending a new welcome message on the new number. This helps prevent any confusion for your subscribers and avoids high unsubscribe rates. It's also recommended to setup a branded short domain.

1) Sending a EXIT and WELCOME message

For Dedicated Short Code and 10DLC customers, we will be very hands-on with this process as your new code gets provisioned.

For Toll-free customers, we will not be hands-on with this process as the turn around time for us activating a toll-free number on your account is relatively very quick. Handling these messages yourself is highly recommended.

Below are examples of both exit and welcome messages. Any {bracketed text} is meant for you to insert your own account relevant information.

Example of EXIT messages:

  • {company name}: We're getting a new number! Look out for our next text from {new number}, and if you have questions email us at {support email}. Reply STOP to opt-out.

  • {company name}: We're retiring this number and moving onto a brand new number: {new number} Watch out for a text coming from it shortly. Reply STOP to opt-out.

Example of WELCOME messages:

  • {company name}: Hi from our new number! If you have any questions, email us at {support email}. Up to {X} messages per month. Reply STOP to opt-out.

  • {company name}: This is our new number! Stay tuned for upcoming exclusive offers. Up to {X} messages per month. Reply STOP to opt-out

2) Setup a branded short domain

We also recommend if you have not yet, getting your own branded short domain setup. Especially for 10DLC and toll-free users as using common link shorteners including Mobiniti default/shared short domains like mobn.it may cause deliverability issues with the carriers.

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