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What is a 10DLC number?

10DLC numbers are 10 digit numbers (local area codes) designed as an alternative cheaper and lower volume solution to short codes for application-driven messaging that can send Standard SMS, Long SMS, and MMS. It is very important to note that 10DLC is not built and designed to support high volumes. The carriers are taking an aggressive approach with filtering to combat SPAM, and by doing so they are implementing 10DLC as a better way to accomplish it. You may see delivery issues depending on your use-case. We help prevent this from happening by setting up a branded short domain and can also submit a vetting request to increase your messages per second throughput and attempt to white list your messages.

An example of a 10DLC Number is 570-443-2222

What kind of messaging can 10DLC be used for?

10DLC is great for use cases that don’t require high throughput

(in which case a dedicated short code might be better). There are

many hundreds of possible use cases, but examples include:

  • Two-factor authentication

  • Appointment reminders

  • Airline-related updates

  • Rideshare updates

  • Any small business that needs a localized presence

Large brands might prefer to use short codes for all

their messaging use cases – even when high volume messaging

is not required. This is because 5 or 6-digit memorable short

codes can reassure consumers that the traffic is coming from

a trusted source.

Can I order 10DLC codes in bulk?

The idea with 10DLC is that you don’t need large quantities of numbers for your campaigns. In fact, the use of large numbers of 10DLC originators to boost your throughput is firmly discouraged by the carriers. The need for multiple 10DLC codes is acceptable for franchises/multi-store locations and other similar scenarios.

How long does it take to get a 10DLC number?

10DLC numbers will take on average 5-7 days after your application to complete provision.

What are the messaging speeds on a 10DLC number?

1 - 30 messages per second by default. This is subject to be higher throughput based on the size of the business, use-case, as well as if vetting (standard or enhanced) is performed.

Can I get faster messaging speeds on a 10DLC number?

Yes, only if you are either a) Russell 3000 companies do not need to vet, or b) pay for the vetting fees. Getting vetted will determine a trust score for your messaging by the carriers. See the costs table below for the optional vetting fees.

AT&T and T-mobile 10DLC Messaging Speeds Tiers

By default, all new 10DLC brands that do not vet or are not in the Russell 3000 companies list, will be the green "T/Low" tier, which is low volume mixed traffic and offers up to 12 messages per second on ATT and up to 2,000 messages per day on T-mobile.

What are the costs associated with a 10DLC number?

Besides your standard plan item usage including SMS, MMS, and Social Profiling, there will now be additional charges for carrier pass-through fees and carrier lookup fees.

Below is a table breakdown of the various fees surrounding 10DLC. In short, as long as vetting is not needed to be done, there is a one-time setup fee of $100.00, an ongoing $25.00 per month brand registration fee, and an additional $1.00 per 10DLC number fee. Billing begins as soon as the application is begun. Your current message rates should remain the same, if for any reason they have to be adjusted, a member of our team will contact you prior to moving forward with 10DLC.

Cost description

Cost one-time

Cost monthly


(per brand)


10DLC Number Lease

(per number)


Brand / Use-case

(per unique brand/use-case)


Vetting (optional)





There will be now a periodic lookup fee (every 7 days upon a new campaign being sent) so we can accurately bill for pass-through fees. Lookup fees start at 0.001 and the pass-through fees are listed below.

10DLC Pass-through Fees:



AT&T (starting March 1st, 2021)



Grace Period $0.002

Based on vetting $0.002 to $0.004 TBA

Grace Period $0.0035

Based on vetting $0.0035 to $.005 TBA

T-Mobile (+ Sprint)





C Spire Wireless










Verizon Wireless





U.S. Cellular





What if I am on a standard SMS credit monthly plan?

Since you are on a monthly credit plan, any pass-through fees and lookup fees will by default try to pull from your monetary balance. In turn, this can cause messaging to be halted due to a negative balance accruing. We recommend making sure you have a $10 minimum balance and also setting up auto-recharge so your messaging is not impacted and halted due to a negative balance accruing. Anytime your balance falls below a certain threshold ($10.00 minimum) it will auto-recharge your credit card and add funds. To set up auto-recharge, check out our help guide here.

Alternatively, you can contact Mobiniti to adjust your monthly plan instead to be a monthly recurring monetary amount. The benefits of doing so include covering both your message usage as well as the pass-through fee and lookup fees which by default will try to pull from your monetary balance. It also easily allows you to try out MMS.

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