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What is a Dedicated Short Code?

Dedicated Short codes are 5-6 digit numbers designed for high-volume, application-driven messaging that only has one business, organization, or application on it. Dedicated Short Codes can send Standard SMS, Long SMS, and MMS at 1,500 Messages Per Second (MPS), and this high throughput is perfect for applications needing to send time-sensitive messages to many users at once. Furthermore, since carriers vet and approve all short codes for their intended use, they are not subject to carrier filtering or suspension for heavy traffic.

Examples of applications best suited to a short code include: marketing communications, large one-to-many notification bursts, and high volumes of one-to-one transnational notifications.

An example of a Short Code is 64600.

What are the types of Dedicated Short Code?

  • Non-Vanity Short Codes are also called random short codes, this is because when it comes time to selecting the short code from the US Short Code Registry it is essentially random. We get batches of random short codes to select from. We are not limited to the number of codes we can necessarily pick from as we can continue to paginate and look through more batches of Non-Vanity Short Codes.

  • Vanity Short Codes allow you to immediately select the exact sequence of numbers that you prefer. For example, if 222333 was available, you could immediately pick it.

What are the costs associated with a Dedicated Short Code?

  • Dedicated Non-Vanity Short Codes are $1,000.00/mo to lease and require a 3mo, 6mo, or 12mo commitment up-front for the code. If you choose to do a 3mo lease, there is an additional one-time setup fee of $1,500.00.

  • Dedicated Vanity Short Codes are $1,500.00/mo to lease and require a 3mo, 6mo, or 12mo commitment up-front for the code. If you choose to do a 3mo lease, there is an additional one-time setup fee of $1,500.00.

Can I have multiple businesses or separate brands on a Dedicated Short Code?

The short answer is no, most likely not. Dedicated Short Codes are meant for individual brands. If you are a marketing agency/reseller you definitely will not be able to get a Dedicated Short Code for your clients as a whole.

UNLESS the brands are essentially all apart of the parent company and have a very similar to near-identical offering. For example, an arena that hosts a sports team could be set up together on a dedicated short code whereas a ton of small restaurants offering different products cannot. Another common use-case where "multiple businesses" can be put onto the same shortcode is if it is franchised and offering the exact same products.

How long does it take to get a Dedicated Short Code?

Either type of Dedicated Short Code typically takes about 3-6 weeks until they are fully provisioned and ready to be utilized.

Next Steps:

  1. Submit a request for a dedicated short code (click the button below). Once we have received it we will contact you with additional information and a form to fill out.

  2. Once the form is filled out and submitted back to us, we will require the full deposit for the dedicated short code to be paid.

  3. After payment is made, we will schedule a call to select your dedicated short code.

  4. Once the code is selected, we will submit the short code application form to the major carriers for review/approval and provisioning. This typically takes about 3-6 weeks.

  5. Once the carriers have approved and provisioned it, it will be applied to your account and you can start utilizing the code.

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