Blueshifts Customer Data Activation Platform (CDAP) is purpose-built for marketers looking to harness the full power of their customer data. The CDAP unifies customer data from any source to build a singular view of every single customer. Non-technical marketers can utilize the power of AI to target the right customers, with the right content, through the best channel and best time with self-driving journey flows that create a seamless 1:1 experience.

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If you use Mobiniti integrated with Blueshift to send SMS from a Blueshift campaign, on Blueshift you can track:

  • SMS sent from a campaign journey

  • SMS delivered to a customer

  • SMSe not delivered to a customer
    (this can happen in-cases such as: your customer's phone is switched off or it's out of network coverage area)

  • Links clicked in an SMS

Setup Integration

Before you add an adapter, ensure that you add the following URL in the Webhook URL for Unsubscribe Messages and Webhook URL for Delivery Report fields under the Message Settings tab of your Mobiniti account's settings:

And then, perform the following steps to integrate Mobiniti with Blueshift:

  1. On the Blueshift app, navigate to the Setup channels page.

2. On the Setup Channels page, choose Mobiniti on the left panel, click +ADD ADAPTER and provide the following information on the Mobiniti adapter page:

3. Save your configuration.

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