To use Linktree’s SMS Links with Mobiniti and Zapier, you must have a PRO subscription. To add a SMS Link, follow the instructions below:

1. Go to the Settings tab of your Linktree admin account.

2. Scroll down to find the Integration section and then the SMS Signup section.

  • Toggle the Link to the On position, the toggle button will turn green.

3. Authorize your Google Sheets.

  • Click on the Authorize Google Sheets button and sign into your preferred Google account.

4. Add the title of your SMS button, the success message for when a user submits their number, and a link to your private Google Spreadsheet where you want your numbers saved.

5. Now go to Zapier to connect your Google sheets to your Mobiniti account.

  • After signing in, select Google Sheets as the Trigger app and Mobiniti SMS as the Action app.

6. Select New or Updated Spreadsheet Row as the Trigger and Create Contact as the Action.

  • Click on Use Zap to start.

7. Sign-in to Google Sheets.

  • Pick the Spreadsheet you connected to Linktree, and a Worksheet to save it to.

  • By default it triggers after a change in any column, which you can leave as default or specify the column where Linktree puts new contacts.

  • Hit Continue and test the data.

8. Zapier will ask you to select the app and action again, select Mobiniti SMS and Create Contact, then continue.

9. Select or Sign-in to your Mobiniti account, then continue to the Create Contact field.

  • Complete the fields to create a test for the Zap.

  • Use one of your groups, and use an example for the fields, then continue.

10. Review the contents, then hit Test & Continue to finish.

  • Click Done Editing

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