What are Abandoned Shopping Cart Text Messages?

SMS reminders for abandoned online shopping carts is a messaging use case that is growing in popularity. Over 75% of people abandon their shopping carts online. That means 3 out of every 4 people who add something to their cart leave without completing the purchase. For years now, it’s been common for ecommerce stores to send an email about the abandoned cart, trying to encourage the customer to return to complete the purchase. With email open rates declining, ecommerce stores have been looking for an alternative communication channel for those customers that abandon their carts before making a purchase.

Why the New Policy?

From what we heard, ecommerce stores were being too aggressive with their abandoned shopping cart text messages, resulting in consumer complaints. When enough consumers complain about something to the wireless carriers, that’s when they’re forced to put new policies in place to protect their wireless subscribers.

General Requirements

  • On the checkout page, where consumers enter their mobile number, there must be consent statement and checkbox to be clicked. The consent message should be similar to: For better experience, I agree to receive SMS reminder for my shopping cart. See below for an example of an approved check out page:

  • Brands must have a double opt-in flow asking consumers to reply with “YES” in order to agree to receive abandoned shopping cart SMS reminders. Text message sent to consumers need to include text “shopping cart reminder”, optout instructions and number of text message to be received per month. See below for an example of an approved double opt-in flow:

  • The website call-to-action must mention—within the opt-in terms and conditions—that the message program includes shopping cart reminder

  • The shopping cart message program must incorporate a double opt-in mechanism via text

  • Double Opt-in message content must clearly inform the user that the message program includes shopping cart reminders

  • Campaign submissions must be filed as an “Account Information” campaign, with a detailed description highlighting that the message program will include shopping cart reminders

Additional Privacy Policy Disclosures

  • Privacy policy must explicitly state how information is captured by the ecommerce site to determine when a consumer cart has been abandoned (e.g. website cookies, plugins, etc)

  • Terms and conditions must reflect the new policy

Delivery and Content Restrictions

  • Text reminders must be sent within a 48-hour period and limited to one alert per unique abandoned cart

  • Abandoned cart notification must not result in the ecommerce site completing the transaction on behalf of the consumer

  • Abandoned cart notification must not collect payment information or accept approval for purchase via keyword confirmation from consumer

  • Consumer must complete transaction by processing payment themselves via a direct URL link to the e-commerce website

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