Major Enhancements:

  • We deployed a 3rd redemption type for Mobile Coupons, QR Codes.               Read help guide here

  • We deployed the ability to upload unique UPC/QR codes into the Mobiniti platform via copy/paste or CSV from 3rd-party sources such as Point-of-sale systems. Read help guide here

  • We deployed a new button on the Dashboard to allow downloads of the time range filtered data displayed on the Dashboard. If you click the red hyper linked "Download" (far right) it will process a CSV report of the set time range.            Read help guide here

  • We deployed enhancements to Campaigns in order to speed up the load time of groups. By default, it will load the first 10 groups. To expedite load times if your group(s) do not appear in the first 10, we recommend typing your group(s) names and then selecting them versus scrolling through all of your groups.

Small Enhancements:

  • We deployed a new Contest update to make activating/de-activating contests much easier from the contests overview page. Simply click the X underneath the "Active" column to make the contest active, or click the Check Mark to deactivate the contest.

  • We upgraded the delivery speeds of MMS campaigns.

  • We deployed the ability to view and create groups based on file/coupon clicks, similar to how the functionality works for urls in campaign messages, you can now do this with files and coupons. 

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