Mobile Keywords are the short words or phrases that people send to the Short Code so they can join your text marketing group. They are The main list growth tool in text marketing, and you don't want to have a keyword that's the same as some else's, in fact you can't. You can have one that's similar, but you should try to come up with a keyword that you don't have to add any numbers to, in the vein of "Example1." To find the best possible keyword, you can type in and check the availability of any of word or phrase.

How do I check if a keyword is available?

Step 1:

Click on the Groups & Keywords tab.

Step 2:

Click on Create New Group / Keyword.

Step 3:

Enter a Keyword and check it's availability.

  • If a keyword was entered that has been previously used by someone else, you will see: Keyword is NOT available.

  • However, if you see Keyword is available, you’re good to go!

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