Our dashboard is where you can see numbers and graphs that show your message usage and your contact growth over a set period of time.

You can change the timing of the graphs in the top left corner, either with a custom date range or several preset ranges.

Next to the date setting controls are your short code and balance. It tells you what phone number (short code or long code) that subscribers communicate with. The balance tells you the amount of money in your account and how many credits/messages you have left to send.

Towards the top of the page, there is a numerical report of the amount of new contacts you've gained, messages you've sent, unsubscribes you've had, and bounces you've hit, within your date setting. You can download the dashboard's data with the button farthest to the right.

The Contacts graph shows you the rise and fall of contacts you've gained, unsubscribes you've had, and bounces you've hit within you date setting.

The Messages graph shows the rise and fall of your incoming messages, outgoing messages, SMS messages, and MMS messages against your unsubscribes.

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