If you haven't already, make sure to request early access to Emojis (still in BETA).



How many characters does an Emoji take up?

70 characters.

Can I use an Emoji anywhere in Mobiniti?

Yes, you can use it in any message box across the Mobiniti platform.

Can I use multiple Emojis in a single message?

If you are using MMS, yes, as it allows for 1,500 characters. SMS will only support 2 emojis and a remaining 20 characters for use.

Do you have an Emoji keyboard in Mobiniti?

Not yet, for now you will need to copy and paste from 3rd party Emoji keyboard websites. This is coming soon!


How do I use Emojis in my messages?

1. Navigate to a 3rd party Emoji keyboard website such as https://getemoji.com/, and copy your desired emoji to your clipboard.

2. In the Mobiniti platform, paste the emoji from your clipboard into the message box where you'd like it to be.

Emojis take up 70 characters each, so we recommend only using 1 emoji per SMS message, if you need to use multiple we recommend using a MMS message instead.

If you have never used MMS before and do not have updated pricing, please contact your account manager or support.

3. Save your campaign or other automated message.

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